Personal. Confidential. Effective. Essential.

Paul Brosche is a successful business executive who now serves as a hands-on advisor to company directors, presidents, CEOs and management teams. He brings passion, commitment, insight, focus, and savvy business experience to help clients turn-around or grow their businesses in these unstable times.

"Paul has provided extraordinary advice and leadership to both my company and to me as President and CEO…and has played a vital role in our Strategic Planning process… Paul’s leadership and experience engages teams and business owners to reach for higher performance…." Todd Mattson, President and CEO, Pro-Line Racing, PROTOform More praise for Paul…

Paul provides important perspective to executive decision-making to help CEOs and management teams drive sales growth, productivity, and profitability through their people and throughout their organizations, to truly help them reinforce or emerge as leadership-driven managers.

SETTING GOALS AND STRATEGY:  Paul is available to help top business leaders to excel and succeed at:

  • Shaping the direction you want for your business
  • Setting goals, building accountability, and measuring success
  • Building, training and inspiring leadership from the top down
  • Aligning high performance teams that are unstoppable 
  • Taking market share in a down economy through effective marketing and sales strategy  
  • Building clarity in and focus for your business mission

EXECUTING WITH ACCOUNTABILITY:  Drawing on more than three decades of executive experience, Paul helps clients achieve their personal and business objectives, by working together to:

  • Design and execute operational initiatives that drive the business forward
  • Set cash priorities to keep the business healthy
  • Hire the right people, to the right job, for the right reasons
  • Inspire and direct strategic marketing with measurable ROI
  • Create a sales strategy and organization to consistently hit sales goals
  • Help key executives and managers feel energized about the business, the organization, and where it's headed

Contact PHB Management Advisory Group today to schedule a "Power One-to-One" session with Paul, where CEOs and managers can brainstorm critical business issues with him, peer-to-peer.