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Take This Job and Shove It Love It – A Parable for Managers

"This fast-moving, entertaining book is loaded with valuable insights and ideas that enable you to be an outstanding manager."
Brian Tracy, World Renowned, Best-Selling Speaker, and Author: How the Best Leaders Lead


Take This Job and Shove It Love It – A Parable for Managers
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Lawrence M. Cassidy, Chair of Vistage, The World's Leading Chief Executive Organization

"After almost a quarter-century of advising some 300 top executives (including 200 CEOs and business owners), participating in 10,000 executive one-to-ones, and conducting more than 1,100 all-day executive roundtables, the never-ending #1 topic and most crucial challenge remains: people–selection, motivation, performance and retention.

That is why Brosché and Forbes suggest that morale, loyalty and true productivity will improve if you, as the leader, look beyond the ‘numbers’ and determine to inspire those you count on to produce results. The most effective leaders are willing to set aside the spreadsheet and step out of their comfort zone to find better ways to both intrigue and lead their people. It is well worth it to pay attention to their parable, and try out the ideas found in their book. If you do, the odds of a stronger business and a more enjoyable life will increase."

 Eric Swartz, President & Founder, The Byline Group, San Mateo, CA

"Take This Job and Shove It Love It! is an inspiring story about leadership — from its prehistoric roots to the present day. Paul Brosché and Gary Forbes have woven an instructive and entertaining parable that applies to every aspect of the contemporary workplace. By showing us how to identify our gifts, shape and realize our dreams, and, in so doing, exercise a profound influence on the lives of our friends, loved ones, colleagues, and employees, the authors have given us a treasured Rosetta stone for becoming better managers, better leaders, and better people.

The guiding principles and real-life actions outlined in this book illuminate the life path we are capable of forging, and the opportunities we have the power to embrace.

Kudos to Brosché and Forbes for helping us emerge from our caves, rediscover our purpose and passion, unleash our immense potential, and become a true catalyst in fulfilling the lifelong dreams of those we have the honor and privilege to lead."

Jack Napoli, Chair of Vistage, The World's Leading Chief Executive Organization

"Authors Brosché and Forbes have weaved sound, proven principles of successful managers and leaders, into a compelling story that captures the interest and imagination of all who embark on this fascinating journey!"

 Tim Paxson, Former President and CEO, Litho Supply Company, Inc.

"A totally unique approach to leadership and management. Absolutely the most entertaining book I have read on the subject."

Richard Beesmer, Curriculum Coordinator, Operating Engineers Union, Local 12 Southern CA, The Nation's Largest Construction Local

"A great book written with simplicity and valuable life-changing thoughts. It will have an effect on everyone, no matter what your life stature may be."

Kevin Miquelon, President, Pfoodman Holdings, LLC

"I read the book and thoroughly enjoyed it and plan on recommending it to others; I totally got it.  Well done and I plan on using the principles in my business."

Ron LaRosa, President & CEO, Lindsey & Hall, Inc., and Former President & CEO, Delta Creative

"As an entrepreneur, I know the power of goals and dreams — I've been successfully driven by my own. And this book, so well-done by Brosché and Forbes, reminded me of the importance of helping my people discover their goals and dreams, too. This book gives us practical ways to help ourselves and our employees discover why their job is important today and where its success may lead tomorrow. I know first-hand it truly inspires our performance levels in the job we're in, our creativity and initiative, and our hope for the future. Everybody wins..."

Alan L. Bernstein, Author and former CEO, Practice Builders

"ASTOUNDING! I’ve witnessed Paul Brosché manage daily for 15 years. In the business world, I believe there are few with his talents, few with his knowledge. So when you choose a mentor from whom to learn, I can think of no finer teacher. He and co-author Gary Forbes have crafted an ingenious and entertaining fable to teach you that vital core skill-set of leading and developing your people — and most importantly, yourself. Read it, study it, embrace it — and you can’t help but succeed."

Ed Moss, President, Total Cost Involved Engineering

"As I read your book, I can relate to Arg. I was an Arg during the start up of TCI Engineering and I have encountered quite a few Ugs in my days. I think the road that I have traveled to grow the company would have had a lot less potholes if I had studied your book ‘Take This Job and Shove It Love It!’ and if I had the privilege of wise counsel from a Brok and a Forb."


Take This Job and Shove It Love It – A Parable for Managers
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