Take This Job and Shove It Love It – A Parable for Managers

A fresh perspective on leadership…and how "looking beyond the numbers" forces managers to rethink the pathway to achievement and success in business. Paul's book, with co-author Gary Forbes, reveals how managers can inspire the very best from their employees, and, as managers, to enjoy the best from their own lives in the process.

Packed with Stone Age wit and practical insight, Take This Job and Shove It Love It squares-off against faulty management thinking and replaces it with effective leadership practices that focus and motivate their people to higher levels of performance.  CEOs and managers are raving about it.  This parable for managers teaches us how to be better managers, better leaders, and better people—finding true purpose, passion, and success.  Managers are discovering the power of what a leadership-driven manager has in building performance and excitement with their people and throughout the organization.

Take This Job and Shove It Love It – A Parable for Managers, by Paul Brosche & Gary Forbes is an imaginative and real-life guide to rediscovering purpose, passion and success in leadership and management. (Sycamore Canyon Publishing, 2010)
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